"Great Fun For You & Your Dog"

Phone:  303-420-0123
Email:   info@rmagility.com

Entrance to Grounds:
8910 W. 52nd Ave.

Mailing Address: 
8901 W. 51st Ave.
Arvada, CO 80002

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Types of Agility Classes:

All Classes are Groups

AGILITY is for All Dogs - all sizes, mixed and pure breeds.
Intro to Agility
No Experience Needed- Dogs can work on or off lead.
(Ages 4 months and older)
Classes are limited from 8 to 10 - Handler/dog teams with 1 Trainer


Dogs Must have Experience to attend the following:
Beginning (Ages 4 mo. and older.)
Intermediate (Ages 4 mo. and older)
Advanced (Ages 4 mo. and older)
Class limit up to 10 Handlers with 1 Trainer


3 classes every evening: Monday through Wednesday

Privates: Call for information & rates
Days: Call for information & rates


America's Fastest Growing Sport is going to the dogs!

This sport is great fun for both you and your dog, played for fun, competition or both.
Both Handler and dog are taught to work as a team while maneuvering safely through the agility courses.
Puppies learn to play without jumping until they are one year of age.

Our goal is to improve your handling abilities through proven dog training techniques.

There are NO Makeup Classes and NO Refunds.

OVERWEIGHT or AGGRESSIVE DOGS will not be ALLOWED to PLAY. We can try to work on the problem, with obedience or a private class.

I do appreciate your patience in this matter and hope to work with you soon. Thank you for your interest.

Zona Butler - Trainer-Owner

Classes book very fast
Sign Up - General Information and Registration Form:
Classes are filled according to space available. Your form will be put on the waiting list. I will call you when a space becomes available. Be sure to leave a day time phone or cell numbers - I only make calls during the days.

When you are contacted either by email or phone - I will let you know the day and times available. At that time you need to let me know if you are still interested.