"Great Fun For You & Your Dog"

Phone:  303-420-0123
Email:   info@rmagility.com

Entrance to Grounds:
8910 W. 52nd Ave.

Mailing Address: 
8901 W. 51st Ave.
Arvada, CO 80002

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Agility Private Classes

Private classes are held only during weekdays.
During work hours of 8 AM to 4:30 PM

Dogs must have had at least 2 months of continuous training.

Dogs must be over 4 months of age with proof of shots or rabies tag. Our goal is to improve your handling abilities through proven dog training techniques.

Rates: 30 Minutes for $35 / One hour for $60

OVERWEIGHT or AGGRESSIVE DOGS will not be ALLOWED to PLAY. We can try to work on the problem, with obedience or a private class.

I do appreciate your patience in this matter and hope to work with you soon. Thank you for your interest.

Zona Butler - Trainer-Owner

Call 303-420-0123 for rates or
to make an appointment